Mikaela locks down another Slalom Globe along with her first overall season Globe!

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Stay healthy= MANY GLOBES TO COME!!!

She is overall winner because she had more overall points. Won by over 300!

1st in slalom, 2nd in GS, 24th in Super-G, 36th in downhill

She's just expanding and getting started on the speed events.


Ripsaw said:

Maybe the best technical ever. Depending on your view of what the overall World Cup title should represent, I'm not sure she can lay claim to being the best all around skier in the world due to her lack of results in the speed events. Obviously, she's very young and at some point will include the speed events in her skill set, but maybe the methodology in determining the overall title needs to be restructured.
Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G, Downhill. What's the fifth event?

Ripsaw said:
Yep...that's the math. Like I said it depends on what you think the overall winner represents. Some may think that overwhelmingly dominant performances in two out of five events wouldn't make her the best all around skier in the world, despite the math.
Whoops - missed Combined where MS was 6th overall for the season.

Not sure if you're old enough to remember Ingemar Stenmark winning the overall a few times back in the 70's and he was a slalom & GS specialist.

Phil Mahre as well, S and GS...and I believe he won 3 combined titles but I cannot recall him being great in downhill...competitive but not great.  I could be wrong.

Ahhh, that's it. Thanks.

And I think MB is right about PM.

Ripsaw said:

1). Yes, everyone has the same ability to score points and do not.  Perhaps Lara Gut could be considered better but her season was cut short due to injury.  While MS lead her when she injured herself, had she not I'm sure she would have made it very competitive at the end.

2). Yes, what do you want to give it to someone who's just middle of the road but skis every event at that level?  Dumb idea on this question.  Look at other individual sports with overalls, all very similar.  And you have to score points.  Until this year with MS starting to rack up wins and podiums in GS along with her dominance in SL, she had no chance with the single event.  And this year she won a combined and came in 4th in Super G. I'd say she's just fine for the overall globe. 
Ripsaw said:

MS and PM deserve whatever they win under the current system. My questions are:
1) Is the overall WC winner considered the best all around skier in the world?

2) if that's the case, should the system allow someone that's a specialist in a couple of events wear that title?
1. No
2. All around best skiers are outside the "system."

An ex-WC athlete like Daron Rahlves who later did skier cross and freestyles and now does big mountain videos for TGR and others is the type I'd consider, but just like GOAT QB you'll never get consensus.
This convo IMO is about "best alpine" skier in the world. Bringing other disciples in changers the tone and like GM points out there is no answer. I might suggest some big mountain, park, mogul skiers are "best in the world"

This argument has been gong on for as long as Free style has been going on.  Glen Plake has a little segment in one of the movies about this more or less.  He talk about you can buy fatties and ski pow.  You can buy shaped skis and carve a nice arc.  The punch line is basically "you can't buy skiing moguls, you have to earn it"

People in the racing world often argue that if most good racers concentrated on freestyle skiing instead of racing, they would be great at that also.  This is because of their discipline and training and technical abilities.  I think that if you are a good skier then you can adapt and to it all.

I once saw John Egan race a GS race with some of the valleys great racing alumni.  There are some big names that race that were ex NCAA winners from UVM, Middlebury and Dartmouth.  He came in 3rd only .2 off the pace.  Not bad for an old ski bum.

This is no different than say the decathalon. Some are better in track events, some better in field events. But the gold medal is given out to the best overall athlete. I kind of like the way skiing does it. In end it's a combined effort but understand the look nuts. The fact MS can win overall an finish so low in DH is a bit odd

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