Dear community members,

We have hosted this community forum for many years to accompany our website, however, because it is not an official communication channel for the resort we have decided to discontinue it.

In mid-May we will launch an updated version of, and this transition will mark the point at which we will no longer host this forum.

We are sharing this information now to allow anyone who is actively involved with the forum the opportunity to start their own, if they wish, and invite others to join. 

Thank you,

Sunday River

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You were a Mod on the old board? Were you the one responsible for saving junior?

I too have made many friends through this site and have contributed to many of the charitable functions that the SRCB has helped.

Not sure how SR could not know how many people read the site here. They should leave a link to the new site permanently.
SundanceKid said:

Me too.

Wont help the lurkers, but it is a start. They should leave the logo/hyperlink for the old site that directs you to the new site, SR could put whatever language they want to encourage or distance themselves.  It should stay through the beginning of next ski season as many lurkers/regular users tail off over the non-ski-season. 

I really don't think they realize how many people actually read this site.  As a former moderator, I know there are stats somewhere that SR has access too. I can tell that I have met many new folks this spring through multiple gatherings for GACP, condo, on the lift, etc, that read but do not post.  

sitzmark said:

Received my notice a foew minutes ago with click thru to new site.

thanks SR

sitzmark said:

Received my notice a few minutes ago with click thru to new site.

New Home for the Community Forum

The Sunday River community forum officially has a new home at

As shared in a forum post earlier this week, this current forum will be ending in mid-May. We recommend that all discussions and content from this point forward be started on the new site. 


Sunday River

Nice job with reaching to SR and having them spread the word. Thanks to SR for reaching out to everyone.

Do we have a firm date when the old board will be shut down?

Thanks SR for the email. Thanks Steve for contacting SR.

MAC said:

Nice job with reaching to SR and having them spread the word. Thanks to SR for reaching out to everyone.

Just got a twitter blast too. Nice work Sunday River.  

Now if only Spectrum would promote SR TV.

A sad day I knew was inevitable.  When I think back to when I first signed up on this board.. I didn't have a clue what I was getting into.  Lots of years have gone by...  lots accomplished, lots of fun... lots of changes.  I'm proud to have been a major player for a long time although recently not so much..  I'm grateful for all the friendships and memories.    Maybe a refresh is a good thing although i'm disappointed that SR has cut the ties... but not surprised... something that seems to be happening in a lot of areas as of late...  my biggest disappointment is not even a thank you for the good things ...  and acknowledgment that some of us chose to ski SR based on this community... 

It is June and the Community is

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