Hello All.

It is that time of year again. I have been in touch with the Christmas for Families group and will be organizing a toy drive again.  Not sure how many years this had been, but it has become an annual event.

Christmas for Families is a local Grass routes organization that offers help for those that could use a little extra support in the holiday season.

The group provides Toys, Winter clothes and general support to the local community.

Our group has focused on  2 to 17 year olds.

We try to provide Safe and Fun Toys to the local Kids.

Guidelines if you think it may not be appropriate, it probably is not.  Looking for items that need not be expensive, but thoughtful and safe. 

How it works is you bring and un wrapped toy. 

I will take care of making sure it is delivered.  I make trips to a private local drop off point.

Families come in and chose toys for their families and are given wrapping paper to personally wrap the gifts, so they have some involvement in the process.

If any of you will be at the barker Mug club party, you can bring toys then and see me, or Pm me and we can work out options off line. 

Mountain Real Estate, across from South Ridge, next to Trails end will be an drop off area again as well.  Many thanks to Susan. for her continued support.

Most of this group has been supporting this from Day one, and Christmas for Families appreciates all the support.  I believe this group alone helped over 100 Kids last year.  Something to be very proud of.  Personally it feels great to be party of a Community that supports Many groups.  

Thanks to Sunday River for letting us use this platform.

Thanks Bob 

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Great work Bob. I was just thinking of this on my way in today.  I'll mention it at the annual condo meeting that folks can give gifts to me and I'll get them to you.  One of my favorite events on this board each year.

Thanks Your group has always has been supportive.

M got 2 gifts already

I'm in for 2, but probably not in time for Mug Club party.

No stress side cut thanks.  Thanks Wheelie.

looking forward to it.... let me know if i can help, as you know i famously am done skiing before most... ok ok, before all!

In for several.  Will drop off at Mountain Real Estate.

Thanks Machski and Steveski. 

Count us in a week, Vortex we will find you for delivery

I am easy to find, our paths will cross. Thanks MB.

Drop off at Real estate office, like last year? I'll be mid week until mid Dec.

Yes Steve,

Susan is setting up an area again for us. Thanks
stevenob said:

Drop off at Real estate office, like last year? I'll be mid week until mid Dec.

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