I've been skiing a pass holder at SR for the past 15 years and I have never seen so many problems with the lifts as I have this year.

This past Saturday the tempest chair had a power failure (tempest chair was down earlier in the season) and later in that same day the North Peak Express had mechanical problems.  I got stuck on the same chair the previous weekend for 15-20 mins. Earlier in that day the Chondola was down for while.

Has anyone else experienced the same frustration that I have?

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Yawn?! I bet you are tired! Posting on the board before 5am! Probably time for your mid day nap! :)

Ripsaw said:


iParty said:

Tell u what, gramps: I'll stop posting in here when YOU come up with something original. That includes bashing SR, Zenny & other members, pro sports teams & athletes, and other people's opinions...

When you start bringing some originality to this forum, I'll close my account.

Till then, I'll do as I please.

Ripsaw said:
No it doesn't. Unless you can come up with something original, don't talk to me. You're boring.
And iP says you bring nothing new or creative to this board. Pure gold.

Ripsaw said:
No but it was time for my early morning s*** and your stuff really helps me along.

It does seem that when the lifts are down they are out of service for longer periods than I ever remember. Never have I seen a lift down for over a week which seems to be the forecast for the Barker chair. But I certainly agree, if there is a problem fix it. Safety before anything else. It is a treat to have the Locke chair running during the week giving us access to trails that often are closed off to those who are not on some racing team. Ski On!


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