Hi all,

I am curious who is now managing Brookside. We are considering purchasing and interested in reading the covenants. 


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Seach the site
There was a long conversation with good intel in a thread last year about new managers.
I think everyone was pretty positive.

I believe Brookside BOD has set up their management/maintenance more like Fall Line - actual hired "staff" reporting to the association, rather than contracting with an outside management company.  The maintenance team is very qualified and very well respected.  Best to contact the Brookside BOD, a realtor, or a Brookside owner - all should be able to provide the information requested.

There are B-side owners on the forum, so hopefully they'll point you in the right direction.

What about pets? If we were to rent out to family, would pets be allowed? Or do the old rules still stand with being strict about the pets of owners ONLY? 

That question is a BOD/Rental Agent question.  All of the bylaws and rules/regulations for all associations were cookie-cutter in the past and read that only "owners" could have pets in units. If the governing docs have not been changed by a vote of the association, the covenant is most likely still in effect and would govern the terms of contracts set up with rental agents.

Family/relatives is a grey area, but the "spirit" of the rules is that immediate family members are owners and other family members are not.  

I believe Mark Wigley is the property manager


My name is Mark Wigley and I am the property manager here at Brookside.  You can reach me by cell @ 357-1848 or email brooksideops@outlook.com  I'd be happy to answer any question you may have.

Thanks, Mark.

I've sent you an email. 

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