Looking to get a couple of pairs tuned up.  I am very particular with who tune's up my skis and I am only looking for the best.  (Been going to Mike De Santis at Summit Ski in Framingham for years but I have since moved out of the area) .  Curious to hear everyone's thoughts. 

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The Wintersteiger machine at South Ridge does a great job. It gets perfect edges. I do my own hand tunes, but I go in once in a while for one of those to return the skis to a good baseline.

I had great success at the Sunday River tune shop, passionate tuners.  

Peak Performance. Best tune on the hill. Quick turnaround as well.


Best combination of professional staff, equipment, knowledge, and effiency at the hill.

Buster (Sporthomo) and Southridge/SR are great but the turnaround time is rough.

Go check out ski depot.

I too am a DeSantis customer for my good skis.   Mike pretty much does his proprietary tunes from his FIS tour days.  Nothing remotely close on the mtn.  Also nothing on the mtn is as expensive as SkiMD.  Whats the old saying ...

If you are a gold pass holder, get your $15 tune at SR tune shop before it expires (think that is around X-mas).  Inexpensive way to "test the water".  Kristen and team will do an excellent "supertune".  Machine controlled with skilled technicians monitoring the process.  No 0.5* base bevels, base truing, custom structure, etc. - that said, you get a high quality **consistent** tune.  My wife's favorite.  I use occasionally for quick tunes on beater skis, but otherwise do something different for flexibility with bevels.

The tune scene has changed some this year.  Buster Bean (previously BEST Tunes) is now at Sport Thoma.  Buster has been a favorite tuner for GACP kids since his days working in Chris/SR Sports.   Buster can do a high quality race/hand tune, but in the past was usually too busy to turn that around last minute.  

The tune team at the Old Jack Frost (now SkiDepot) serviced a lot of the race kids.  Not sure who remains with the new ownership.  Was where I took my skis for "race tune" over night.  Always a good tune for me, but my wife complained she couldn't ski her skis after tunes there - too grabby.  I ask for no detune tip/tail on my skis, so most likely hers got same treatment.

Have not used Bob and Terry's or Great American for tuning, so can't help there.  Not sure if Pinnacle Snowboard shop tunes skis.

Best skis now stay at home in MA for NASTAR at WaWa and tunes with Mike.

Dewey is the man!

your ? has the answer in it BESTunes  like mentioned above is still in business but now in the new giant Sport Thoma store.

I do the fifteen dollar gold pass tune, then do it through the season on my own.  I think SR does a nice job.  They revived a pair for me that were beyond my abilities :)

I've never seen a ski come from a tune looking like it does when Mike has worked on it. It may cost more, but he spends the time required to make them look better than new. Say hi for me!

I use the constant care package at Sunday River.  Basically it season pass for tuning, covers all your tuning and ski repair needs for two pairs of skis.  One of the nicest things about it if you could leave your skis in the tune shop, so it also like a season ski check.  It not cheap $299, but if you ski a lot like I do, it is a great value.  

I think they sell out of this program every year.  

Northern season tune for me, 3 pair for $100 after the $50 gift card.
Junior said:

Peak Performance. Best tune on the hill. Quick turnaround as well.

10 pairs for $229, and it doesn't expire. May be up to $249 or $269 this year, but how can you beat that price, and it never expires. I once used a tune there for $229 over 3 seasons, and the tuning is top notch.

Bigbob said:

Northern season tune for me, 3 pair for $100 after the $50 gift card.
Junior said:

Peak Performance. Best tune on the hill. Quick turnaround as well.

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