Anyone have a Barker Preferred Parking pass for 2017/18 they aren't planning to use?

Contact me to discuss.

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You looking for a 2017-2018 or for a pass you can use for the remainder of the this season (next weekend)?

next year, I've edited the post.  I'm guessing parking isn't going to be a huge problem this weekend!

Now that it is $500 you may get a taker.
Scalping parking passes, interesting.

I just bought a gold pass, locker, and parking pass for next year.

I really had no plans to use them,..... I'd let em go for say .....

I would love to know how many folks that hit the ripping point at 500?
Do the folks on the waiting list know it now 500?

Yep, we hit the tipping point.  If price goes up next year, we are out and I will sell my pass to the highest bidder.  :)

Boyne Pass is now most expensive in NE. Wonder if it will thin the crowds and parking lots next year. They have to be nervous. Not sure I like this honor, but nothing we can do about it - so might as well enjoy the space lol.

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