what's up with the new descent gear this year for employees (not a hater--I have one of the coolest descent 1pieces on the mt)...Bean anyone...just saying?

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Thought the same thing... Then I noticed that there is a bunch of LL Bean stuff in Sunday River Sports. Kinda weird. Why isn't Sunday River supporting a local Maine business by outfitting the ski school and lictors with LLB gear??

Wonder if SL switched...I doubt it, given Seth Wescot's relationship with LLB.

We had a comprehensive uniform program with L.L.Bean several years ago, but since that time they've transitioned away from offering the type of program we need to cover our full team and we've needed to branch out to a few different companies for on-mountain uniforms.  We still order many uniform pieces through L.L.Bean, and this year are really excited to have been selected as the first-ever location outside the L.L.Bean family of stores to be able to sell L.L.Bean outdoor clothing.  Sunday River Sports at South Ridge has a bunch of layering pieces and outerwear from their new ski and snowboard line - if you haven't seen them yet it's definitely worth you time to swing in and take a look.

LL Bean is shipping up to a million packages a day around this time of year, and getting plenty of free pub thanks to The Weather Channel correspondents' jackets ...they'll be okay.

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