MB – Rams, Bengals, Ravens, Jets, Giants, Texans, Cowboys, Eagles, Jaguars, Steelers, Saints, Seahawks, Packers
MB Jr - Texans, Panthers, Packers, Browns, Steelers, Patriots, Bills, Chiefs, Eagles, Seahawks, Jaguars, Falcons, Chargers
DBG – Bills, Ravens, Steelers, Falcons, Jets, Patriots, Titans, Eagles, Saints, Lions, Jaguars, Bengals, Chargers
Mrs Sitz – Steelers, Raiders, Falcons, Bengals, Panthers, Texans, Seahawks, Vikings, Eagles, Lions, Jaguars, Ravens, Patriots

Saints at Falcons
Colts at Bills
Cowboys at Giants
Lions at Buccaneers
Raiders at Chiefs
49ers at Texans
Packers at Browns
Bears at Bengals
Vikings at Panthers
Redskins at Chargers
Jets at Broncos
Titans at Cardinals
Eagles at Rams
Seahawks at Jaguars
Ravens at Steelers
Patriots at Dolphins

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MB: Chiefs

MBJr: Bengals

MrsSitz and DBG will pick GB, so let’s go Browns.  This is the week!

I'll take the Panthers in the rain.

That's a terrible picture Cartman..

Nipple. I see nipple.

Ya think that chica in the middle knows she has her pom-poms covering up 2 ex-presidents?

Nothing like a nationally televised wet t-shirt contest!! 

Nice job Carty...

CartMan! said:

I'll take the Panthers in the rain.

MrsSitz - Titans

 Cowboys cause the Giants are pathetic

I forgot Elliot is hurt so I'm changing my pick and taking Carolina due to their defense ripping apart the Vikings who aren't as good as their record shows.  

And then there were 3, Mrs Sitz has the Titans.

Eagles/Rams is a game!!

Down to MB vs DBG!  Thanks to MBJr and Mrs Sitz for playing.

MrsSitz sends thanks to Wheelie and MB for another great survivor pool.  Good luck to MB and DBG!

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