MB – Rams, Bengals, Ravens, Jets, Giants, Texans, Cowboys, Eagles, Jaguars, Steelers, Saints

MB Jr -  Texans, Panthers, Packers, Browns, Steelers, Patriots, Bills, Chiefs, Eagles, Seahawks, Jaguar

DBG – Bills, Ravens, Steelers, Falcons, Jets, Patriots, Titans, Eagles, Saints, Lions, Jaguars

Mrs Sitz – Steelers, Raiders, Falcons, Bengals, Panthers, Texans, Seahawks, Vikings, Eagles, Lions, Jaguar

Vikings at Lions

Chargers at Cowboys

Giants at Redskins

Bills at Chiefs

Titans at Colts

Browns at Bengals

Buccaneers at Falcons

Dolphins at Patriots

Bears at Eagles

Panthers at Jets

Seahawks at 49ers

Saints at Rams

Jaguars at Cardinals

Broncos at Raiders

Packers at Steelers

Texans at Ravens

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I'm picking the Bengals
MB: Seahawks
MBJr: Falcons

Can Cartman post some pics even though he's out?

Maybe some Dallas cheerleaders for their lovely thanksgiving performance?

Can he?

Hey Cartman, you're out, you must respect my authority!!!

F** that. Pics Carty!!!

MrsSitz - Ravens
Four players, four different picks. :)

Good luck to all!

You lost again, but please keep posting.

CartMan! said:

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