Chiefs at Patriots

Jets at Bills

Eagles at Redskins

Raiders  at Titans

Buccaneers at Dolphins

Jaguars at Texans

Cardinals at Lions

Falcons  at Bears

Ravens  at Bengals

Steelers at Browns

Colts at Rams

Seahawks at Packers

Panthers  at 49ers

Giants at Cowboys

Saints at Vikings

Chargers at Broncos

Good luck and post them up

Same rules as before

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SundanceKid : Houston

3 others to come later this week


The Dolphins Bucs game may be moved to their common bye week later in the season. But in any case it has been cancelled for this week.
Are you ready for some football!!!
I'm gonna take a risk and pick Buffalo in Week 1. You will get my money next time my family is in the neighborhood.

Texans for me.

MB: Rams

MrsMB:  Bengals

MBJr:  Texans

3 losing picks for sure.  

Vikings for me.


Spot reserved picks later today:


Mrs Junior

Miss Junior

Junior junior

Junior junior jr

I'm In !!   Hard to believe that in 10 years,... I have never picked Buffalo.

Probably because it's not easy to find any hotties in that fanbase.  Go Bills!

I am going to join the Buffalo crowd.

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