Ok, I may be starting to chomp the bit just slightly.  Good place to post some shots from around the hill today.

Middle Punch guns are pulled out and ready.

Locke mid station is ready and waiting.

Speaking of Locke, IIRC the chairs were gray last year.  They are now black and sporting new backrest slats stained natural.  Looks very classic and nice.

The guns in immediate Barker Basin are sporting fully automated HKD Klick hydrants.  Only saw 4 or 5, but interesting.  I believe they can turn these on wirelessly.

Barker lot is a bit crowded with the new chairs for Spruce.  If you are a fan of footrests don't fear, the new chairs will be sporting them.

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That whole show smoked. So did the night before...

Promontory Rider said:

Perhaps they will groom it.  Sometimes it just sits after a soak/freeze until we get natural or another thaw.  Given the weather forecast for Sun/Mon with a thaw on Saturday, my bet is they leave it alone this week.  We'll see.  I doubt Lost Princess will be done by tonight, so that could be the trail similar to ShockWave for this coming weekend.  And it might have the Oz Quad spinning for it too.

cnr1089 said:

I didn't have a chance to hit Vortex, but I was able to sneak away from the family to hit Shockwave twice yesterday and it was loads of fun. It was like a giant skier's park like I have never skied. And the best part was other then a few rare obvious spots, no ice, I could hold an edge on the steepest parts with no problem.  Do they keep trails like this often?  With the rain/freeze cycle coming this week, I would love for SR to do this to another trail (Wednesday->Fri) for this weekend.  On that note, are they going to groom out the enivitble ice Shockwave is going to get on Wednesday which will make that a nightmare for the rest of the year.

Mtn skied great today even with the freezing mist. But jeez o pete, that fog was some thick bouy!

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