Welcome to Survivor Pool 2016. This the 9th year of the SRC NFL Survivor pool and we should all be proud as we have been able to raise over $25,000 to support adaptive ski programs.

As last year we will be awarding only one prize, a $100 Boyne gift card to the winner. We are going to stick with $20 entry fee and $20 to buy back and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation (MASR).

Here are the official rules:

Official Rules

-Each week, participants pick the winning team for just one NFL game. This is straight up selection, no point spread taken into consideration.

-All picks must be posted before the start of the game you are picking. The board clock will serve as official time clock. A pick is not a pick until posted into the pick thread.

-You must pick a different team each week. Once you pick a team, they cannot be used again.

-If your team wins, you survive to play the next week.

-If your team loses. You are eliminated from the pool (unless you buy back: see note below).

-Ties count as loses.

-The last surviving player wins.

-If a player loses during the first 5 weeks, the player has the option of buying back in by paying the amount of the original entry fee ($20). The deadline for buying back in is  the last game of week 6. After the deadline for buy back ends, you will not be able to participate. You can buy back as many times as you wish through the first 5 complete weeks of the season. Please note, if you buy back you cannot pick a team that you had previously picked.

-First tie breaker is number of buy backs, the player with the fewest buy backs wins all ties.

-If all remaining players lose in the same week, the results will be ignored with all players becoming active for the following week. However, the team selected that week will not be able to be used again.

-If there is more than one player remaining going into week 17, all remaining players will pick a winning team and a final score for both teams in the game they picked. Ties (after number of buy backs tie breaker) will be broken in the following order: 1) Closest to the winning teams score in their respective game, 2) Closest to losing teams score in respective game, and 3) Closest to total score. If there is still a tie, the pot will be split between the remaining tied players.

-All players must be 18 years of age (unless sponsored by a parent)

-All payments will be made via checks made out directly to MASR.

-All payments will be made after week 5.

If you are interested in playing, reply to this thread with a "yes" so we can get an estimate of interest. anyone who posts a pick the first week will be committed you to the $20 entry fee and earn you a spot in the pool.

As in the past we will start a new pick thread ever Tuesday morning providing the schedule for the next week and the results to date. Please try to keep the chatter to this thread and leave the pick threads simply for picking. This eases the book keeping responsibilities for those of us managing the pool.

That should cover it....again, good luck.

Remember, this is for FUN (and bragging rights) and a very worthy cause.

MonkeyBrook & Wheelie

Who is in?

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I have 6 people committed so far


I'm in. Thanks for doing this again!

Wheelie said:

I have 6 people committed so far


C ount me in.

We are in for 4. I'll get you names later

I'm in.

In for two.

4 for us.  I smell a record # of participants this year.  Word is Jr will be in for 10 spots this year.

In!  I'll check with DonnieBallGame so hold on him as of yet.

Mrs. Zenny
Zenny, Jr.

M and I are in.

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