Figured we need a hockey thread with the season about to start.  Don't have real high expectations for the Bruins, but maybe they'll surprise me.

Starting with a throwback to 20 years ago today, which was the closing date of the original Boston Garden. On September 28, 1995, the Boston Garden closed for good after one final exhibition game between the Bruins and the Canadiens.

Many, many great memories there for me...Bruins games, Dead shows (among many others), Celtics on occasion, Ringling Bros circus as a kid, and the list goes on.

Here's one of the pics from the article...I remember in late 1995 driving out of Boston and heading for the loaf, the Garden was half torn down, exposing the inside.  I stopped and bought a single use camera and took a ton of pics...of course I have no idea where they are now but they looked a lot like this...

And of course one gratuitous Bruins pic...

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What Cartman said. And it's not only Crosby. That entitlement goers back to Mario and how the league looks to protect those guys. They are/were both little whiney crybabies and the league always let them get away with it and punished other players for even looking at them the wrong way.

I have hated the Penguins for lots of years, and that ain't gonna change anytime soon.

Agree with everything Carty said above.
SailingSkier said:

This might be a touchy question, Junior ... why do you hate them?  Just curious.  They were the team I was hoping for ... not because of the team but only because of Sidney ... who comes from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia .... an area about a 20 minute drive from my home.  He strikes me as the most gentlemanly player since Bobby Orr and with similar skills.  He is quite popular around here and now there is a move to re-name a major street in his home area after him.  I don't agree with that.  Brad Marchand is also a local Nova Scotian (actually his home area is about 10 minutes from me) and normally The Bruins would be my team of choice. During the summer months when they are home, Sidney, Brad and Nathan MacKinnon spend some time golfing together.  Anyway ... hope you have a great summer.

Brad and Sid seemed to get along pretty well when they played together on a line with Bergeron in the last World Cup of Hockey.

I didn't realize that the new Providence Bruins Coach Jay Leech was a PC Grad.  Hope he does well with them.  Was he there during your stay MB?

How about Biddeford native and BC Eagle Alum Brian Dumoulin signing a 6 year $24.6 million extension with the Pens?!? He's throwing out the first pitch at the Sea Dogs game tonight and then signing autographs... He's done well! 

He was up at BC the other day with the Cup.

last year was Biddeford, this year was BC - nice


Ripsaw said:

He was up at BC the other day with the Cup.

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