Figured we need a hockey thread with the season about to start.  Don't have real high expectations for the Bruins, but maybe they'll surprise me.

Starting with a throwback to 20 years ago today, which was the closing date of the original Boston Garden. On September 28, 1995, the Boston Garden closed for good after one final exhibition game between the Bruins and the Canadiens.

Many, many great memories there for me...Bruins games, Dead shows (among many others), Celtics on occasion, Ringling Bros circus as a kid, and the list goes on.

Here's one of the pics from the article...I remember in late 1995 driving out of Boston and heading for the loaf, the Garden was half torn down, exposing the inside.  I stopped and bought a single use camera and took a ton of pics...of course I have no idea where they are now but they looked a lot like this...

And of course one gratuitous Bruins pic...

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last year was Biddeford, this year was BC - nice


Ripsaw said:

He was up at BC the other day with the Cup.

Ryan Donato signs with Bruins Sunday,  scores a goal and 2 assists in debut, then misses

first practice, so he could go to class at Harvard..    Love it.

New season ticket holders can expect to pay $2,500+ per seat 

Marchy gets his 5th OT game winner of the season on sweet pass from Krug. Watch

They might not win the Cup but they are fun to watch. :)

I hope that every opening round game starts like this.

Here we go !! The cup is within reach. 16 wins

Game 1 is shaping up nicely. 

15 to go

Pastrnak had himself a game last night. Wow. 

If you want to lead the handshake line,  .. you need to leave it all on the ice. an unnecessary Game 7

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